Candidates should be a graduate of any Science field or should meet the requirements needed on the Application Announcement.

An applicant should have an excellent engineering knowledge and an intense interest in aeronautical engineering.

Both institutions co-founded and developed the curriculum along with the development of Chumphon Airport and KMITL Prince of Chumphon Campus.

Yes, the applicant who wishes to apply the program can contact directly with Siam Commercial Bank and Krung Thai Bank Head offices.

An applicant will receive a diploma in Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) degree in Aviation Engineering and Commercial Pilot upon graduation.

In the academic year 2018. IAAI open its door to approximately 150 students but this depends on the number of qualified candidates. For now, the number is increasing.

A student will receive an accumulated flight hour of not less than the required hours by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand.

The total fee througout the 4-year course is 3,520,000 bath. This includes the fees for the flight classes in their 4th year, travel expenses, food, accomodation, uniform, insurance and other fees related to flight training. However, personal expenses, textbooks and summer school fees are not included.

Yes. It depends on the regulations and requirements set by the different airline companies.

IAAI provides a flight simulation laboratory equipped with a state-of-the-art simulator and other equipment providing a student one-on-one flying expereince to help him/her foster the necessary knowledge and skills about Aeronautical Engineering. Moreover, all students are trained inside comfortable rooms with iMac desktops for conducive learning.

Yes. IAAI had engagement and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Thai Pilots Association, Royal Thai Air Force. The Engineering Institute of Thailand and Asia Aviation Academy to further strengthen the development of an aviation graduate.

Yes. The Aeronautical Engineering and Commercial Pilot program require a medical certificate from a specialized doctor which states that an applicant is short-sighted.