Aeronautical Engineering and Commercial Pilot Pre-Admission Camp  2/2562



Welcome to Aeronautical Engineering and Commercial Pilot

Aeronautical Engineering and Commercial Pilot have been developed to create industry-ready engineers who have a global perspective, international exposure and knowledge of diverse topics in Mechanical Engineering as well as a Commercial Pilot.  It is the opportunity for students to establish an international career and profit from the higher international standard level that is benefiting all sectors of the economy.

Medical Certification for Pilot

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ICAO English level 4

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Asia Aviation Academy (AAA)

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KMITL Flying Club

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What we offer

From the recent economic and social of Thailand, Aeronautical Engineer and Commercial Pilot program are very important. Since the economy is rapidly growing up, the ability of bachelor in Engineering and Pilot is becoming advantage. In the Asean Economic Community (AEC), these engineers are prospected to be a global impact since they can work in the AEC and around the world. The Aeronautical Engineering and Commercial Pilot program which is taught in English can prepare a competitive undergraduate student with knowledge of mechanical engineer and prepare for commercial pilot.